The construction of power dams is related to environmental issues, such as using only process waste, contributing to the cleanliness of the facility and enabling seamless use of wood.

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The power dams are distributed as:

  • Headquarter Palmasola:A power dam with a capacity of 6,000 KW, 1,500 KW currently being used.
  • Branch Brasnorte: A power dam with a capacity of 1,000 KW.
  • Branch Sinop: A power dam with a capacity of 1,000 KW.

The waste is incinerated and heat boilers.This process are used modern equipment to strictly control through specific technologies, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants into the atmosphere. As a result of these investments, we can say that Palmasola S/A operates in complete harmony with the environment, generating all the energy necessary
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