In the process of lamination, the logs are cooked for a certain period. After this process, they are sent to the lathes, which are devices used to obtain blades by unrolling the log.


Drying aims to remove moisture from the blade. The same should be the relative humidity between 8% to 10%, following a strict quality control standard of PALMASOLA, so that the product will not present manufacturing problems later.

Joint of blades

The joint is held to have a total use of blades. It is made using nylon wire and hot glue obtaining a single blade with the dimension established.

classification / instalation

The blades obtained by Palmasola are classified according to the standard set by the Company's product line. The installation is performed by the crossing of blades classified.


The process to which the blade gets the glue (made of phenol resin and extensors), which is applied through crosswalks of glue and it has a strict quality process, thus obtaining a product with quality and durability.


Pressing is the process that performs the fixing of the dried blades and which are impregnated with glue by heat by means of steam.


The process of squaring defines the dimensions of the plywood, width and length.


It is the process where the wood gets finished removing all the latches and holes in the plywood.


This process is achieved through the calibrator machine where the plywood receives the surface finishing.

Packing / Expedition

Our plywood are sorted one by one, where the damaged items are discarded, and the best ones are packed on pallets and tied with ribbon guaranteeing safety and quality of the product. Some products receive waterproofing paint, which ensures durability.

When packaging, the product quality is re-evaluated, ensuring that our client receives plywood with quality and durability that only the brand PALMASOLA has.

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