Timber Purchasing Policy

  • • To Follow the indicators established by the certification system FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).
  • • Only acquire woods where the population’s rights and workers are respected.
  • • Only purchase reforested wood from companies and properties that are in agreement and in accordance with environmental legislation.
  • • In case of properties or companies in violation with environmental legislation, and if the organization has an interest in acquiring the wood, they should guide and collaborate within their possibilities in legalizing property and company, before performing the extraction and use of wood.
  • • When buying wood from a reforested place, the organization should offer a fair and compatible price with the organization's costs.
  • • Before actually purchasing wood from reforested places, the organization shall provide a survey of the wood stock.
  • • For purchases of blades whose origin is a reforested place, they should be identified with the company’s name, invoice number (batch) and dimensions of the blades.
  • • Do not buy wood from genetically modified forests.
  • • Only purchase tropical forest wood from organizations that prove suitability regarding environmental issues.
  • • When buying wood from tropical and /or reforested places, the organization must follow the rules set by the FSC-STD-40-004 FSC-STD-40-005 and FSC-STD-40-007.
  • • For purchases of blades with tropical origin, the blades should be identified with the company name, the invoice number (batch) and the dimensions of the blades.
  • • The organization should avoid buying tropical wood from Forest management which comes from controversial sources or regions considered high risk.
  • • In case, when it is necessary to buy wood which comes from regions considered high risk or controversial sources, the organization shall point out an official to perform an internal audit on the selling company to make sure where the source of raw materials is coming from.
  • • The organization will only accept woods (blades) that are in accordance with the request made; blades nonstandard required should be discounted and suffer a reduction in the price.
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