The Environmental Policy PALMASOLA S/A - MADEIRAS E AGRICULTURA is the term of commitment to society and to the policies established by leading management systems national and international:


CE 2+ (Certificate of Factory Production Control)

This determines the principles and indicators that must be followed in order to achieve a good relationship with the economic, social and environmental surrounding. The company's activities have the principle of conservation of the environment for future generations.

The focus of environmental policy should be:

  • • To follow environmental standards stipulated by laws and regulations.
  • • To invest in the production process reducing possible emissions of pollutants ensuring the health and welfare of employees and the community.
  • • To ensure ideal working conditions for all employees involved in the activities of the company
  • • To invest in planting trees in order to contribute to the reduction of the concentration levels of greenhouse gases.
  • • To value the benefits provided by forests conservation.
  • • To improve social conditions in the region covered by its activities.
  • • To use hydraulic and thermal energy from renewable resources, thus promoting the conservation of natural resources.
  • • To produce and trade products whose composition has predominantly contributed decisively to the carbon sequestration from the atmosphere.
  • • Always seek new management systems to help minimize the loss of the productive process.
  • • To use recyclable inputs whenever possible.
  • • To ensure that the sources that supply inputs are in accordance with the policies of Palmasola S/A.
  • • To disclose Environmental policy for all stakeholders, i.e., employees, shareholders, the community, customers, suppliers, partners and agencies involved.
  • • To ensure a system for receiving and handling possible complaints, maintaining an open channel with all society.

It is the direction of the company, the responsibility for developing, updating and publishing the Environmental Policy.

  • Nilson José Crestani
    (CEO - Chief Executive Officer)

  • Marciano Rubel
    (Commercial Director)
Credit Card of BNDES
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