Brasnorte PALMASOLA S/A, in its pioneering, built bridges, recovered roads, installed a power plant and thus created the infrastructure to operate its newest branch. Strategically located in the city of Brasnorte - MT, with reserved forests of more than 40,000 hectares, the Branch Brasnorte mission is to provide blades and lumber of high quality. Operating in a 6,000 m² industrial complex, where 80 employees work there, this branch operates in the following areas:


The blades are produced in thicknesses of 1.5 mm, 2mm and 3mm and are all designed to supply the plywood industry in the headquarter located in Palma Sola - SC. Several species are used to produce blades, according to the final use of the plywood.

The main species are: Amescla, Cashew, Dry Flour, Mandiocão, Marupá, Pau d.óleo, Angelim Skirt, Paineira Pine Cuiabano, Caroba. The blades are pre-dried and transported on the industry’s own fleet of vehicles to be processed in the plywood industry. This branch is designed to provide 1500m ³ of blades per month.


The production of lumber is intended for internal and external market. The diversity of kinds allows us to offer a broad portfolio of products which are intended for various uses, as follows:
Species Main uses
Angelim Stone Furniture, doors and windows.
Cambará Furniture and framework of houses.
Cinnamon Framework of houses, windows and doors, fences rockers, tool handles, bodies and poles.
Cedrinho ceiling, boxes and furniture.
Cedar Alagoano furniture.
Champagne Pillars and framework of houses, ceilings, floors, truck bodies and exposed framework of houses.
Copiúva Framework of houses and frame for exportation.
Favela Doors, framework of houses and furniture.
Species Main uses
Garapeira Floors and car bodies.
Amarelinho Framework of houses, fences, rockers, floors and bodies.
Itaúba Furniture, podium and rulers of fences rockers, pillars and framework of houses and doors.
Jatobá Floor, tool handles and silverware.
Mata Guri ceilings.
Peroba Mica Framework of houses, furniture and floors.
Rosadinho Pillars of houses.
Sucupira Furniture.
Tamboril Furniture and boats (small boats for fishing).

The dimensions can be varied, according to the customers' needs. Below are the standard dimensions:

  • » Pillars(rafters, purlins and pillars)
  • » Rafters: 5x5 / 5x5,5 / 5x6
  • » purlins: 5,5x11,5 / 6x12
  • » pillars: 5,5x15,5 / 6x16 / 6x20 / 8x20 / 6x30 / 8x30 / 8x40 / 10x40
  • » knocker: 4x15 / 3,5x14
  • » Ceiling: 1,2x7,5 / 1,2x10 / 1,2x12,5 / 1,2x15
  • » Pillars: Quadrados 15x15 / 20x20 / 30x30 / 40x40 e retângulos 10x20 / 20x40
  • » Bodies: stringers 9x18x8,5m


Dentro de seus princípios de produzir com consciência, a Filial Brasnorte opera dentro de rígidos programas de manejo sustentável, garantindo assim a perenidade das espécies e das florestas. (Meio Ambiente)


A filial de Brasnorte está iniciando uma nova atividade para o futuro da empresa, a pecuária. A filial já possui uma área de 500 hectares preparada para essa futura atividade. A partir de 2004, a empresa iniciou no ramo pecuário, criando pastagens para 1.800 cabeças de gado.
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