• 1951
    The Palmasola Madeiras e Colonização LTDA was founded with the social objective of industrializing, exploiting the timber trade and colonizing land.
  • 1955
    It began exporting lumber through Iguassu Falls - PR, by dry ports of Santo Antônio do Sudoeste - PR and Dionisio Cerqueira - SC.
  • 1961
    It Started trading fuels and lubricants.
  • 1969

    It Turned into S/A, with privet capital, Its name became "Palmasola Madeiras e Colonização S/A".

    It incorporates the power plant of Capetinga Ltda, which until today it generates energy for the machinery of the industry.

  • 1973
    It dates when the Agricultural activity started, and it remains until today with the production of corn, soybean, seeds of soybean and other crops.
  • 1976
    It started the production and trading of mechanical wood pulp.
  • 1977
    Export of wood blades to Argentina. Currently the products are exported, to some part of Argentina and most of them to the European market, they are compensated and batten of woods of Amescla and Pinnus.
  • 1986

    The company changes its social objective for industry and commerce of raw and manufactured wood, laminated and wooden plate, industry and trade of mechanical pulp, cardboard and correlate, commerce in fuels and lubricants and parts in general, commerce of grains.

  • 2000
    Palmasola inaugurated its new branch in Brasnorte / MT.
  • 2003
    PALMASOLA S/A builds 2 power plants and achieves self sufficiency in power generation.

history Since its foundation, in 1951, PALMASOLA S/A> has always valued the ethical relationships, the professionalism in business, the option by new technologies, the development of new products, the appreciation of its employees and satisfaction of their customers. These forces continue alive and present day-to-day in our work, and they are the most responsible for the solid position that PALMASOLA S/A occupies in the ranking of modern timber industry.

Currently PALMASOLA S/A produces 3,500 m3 of plywood per month, and this volume is traded in domestic and international markets. On energy issues, the PALMASOLA S/A has its own hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants thereby ensuring the complete supply of its industries using its own electric energy.

Through the use of modern technologies and new industrial processes of manufacturing, our industry produces and offers to the market a complete portfolio of manufactures products to your company, to your work or your sales representative.

The quality of products is guaranteed by the quality of procedures, which were implanted in each of the manufacturing steps. These procedures include laboratory tests and simulations on the behavior of the products in extreme conditions of use, thus testing their limits of endurance. All work is performed by a team of highly trained, enabled and motivated to achieve results and its professional development.
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